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Otherness musicians

Photography @ Louise Mather



Deep Time Festival, Fruitmarket Gallery

Commissioned by Kat Tinker and Yshani Perinpanayagam

November 2023

Crest and Murmur

Two orchestral linking passages

Commissioned by the Cumnock Tryst Festival 2023


October 7th 2023



  1. A View of Work from the Air

  2. Playing (with the Hop)

Student led ensemble performing two new works

for large ensemble, video and electronics

July 12th 2023

Silk Street Music Hall, London

Jean Redpath's Skippin' Barfit Thro' the Heather

London Symphony Orchestra Leaders and Guildhall Orchestral Artistry students

Premiered in LSO St Luke's, London, conducted by Jack Sheen

for orchestra

May 15th 2023

LSO St Luke's, London


Recorded by Calum Huggan and Gaia Duo

Commissioned by Chamber Music Scotland

for violin, cello, percussion and text

March 16th 2023

Engine Works, Glasgow


Tending (to the Hop)

for Jyll Bradley's sculpture 'The Hop'

Premiered at the Hayward Gallery

for open score

December 3rd 2022

What I talk about when I talk about running (after Murakami)

Guildhall School of Music and Drama Experimental Music Marathon

for open score

Regents Park, October 2022


Saat I De Blöd

Premiered and commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

for chamber orchestra

Summer Tour

Thursday 1 September | Kingussie                                                      

Friday 2 September | Findhorn

Saturday 3 September | Fraserburgh

Sunday 4 September | Arbroath


Tuesday 20 September | Musselburgh Brunton Theatre

Wednesday 21 September | Troon Town Hall

Thursday 22 September | Dumfries Easterbrook Hall​

Completed + Unfinished (byebye)

Premiered by Plus-Minus Ensemble

Silk Street Music Hall GSMD, London

For mixed ensemble

Lines Composed at Adam Smith's Grave

Premiered in Milton Court, London

For violin, cello and soprano

Winner of the Tracey Chadwell Memorial Award 2022

Mr Smith Focuses on the Camera Screen

Premiered by EXAUDI at Milton Court, London 

For soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, baritone, bass


Premiered in Milton Court, London

For violin and piano



London Contemporary Dance School

Premiered at the Place Theatre, London

for five dancers, electric guitar, prepared cymbals, synthesiser and tape


Premiered by Angela Wai Nok Hui + Calum Huggan

Commissioned by PLUG Festival RCS 2021

For percussion duo,

White City

Premiered by members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

for flute, oboe, clarinet in A/Bb, violin, viola and cello

What we saw from the Ground

Recorded in the Stevenson Hall, RCS Glasgow

For video, performer and percussionist

The Yellow Wallpaper

Recorded by Gaia Duo for RCS Plug Festival 2020

Premiered at Ignite Arts and Chamber Music Scotland online concert

For violin, cello, wallpaper and fountain pen


The Music Box

Recorded by Prismatic Winds

Commissioned by Live Music Now Scotland

For flute, oboe and clarinet in Bb


Another Language

Premiered by Hebrides Ensemble at RCS Monday's at One

For piano trio

Polaroid for Chris Marker

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at Sound Festival 2019

St Andrew's Church, Aberdeen

For oboe and cello

White Room

Premiered by Mr McFalls Chamber at Dumfries House

Commissioned by the Cumnock Tryst Festival 2019

For clarinet in Bb, violin, viola and cello



Catch Her Body

Premiered by Red Note Ensemble at RCS Plug Festival 2019

For flute, piccolo, clarinet in Bb, percussion, piano, violin and cello

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